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The Kolinahr Museum


Kolinahr is the advanced Vulcan mental discipline that purges all vestiges of emotion from the aspirant. Although all Vulcans practice some level of emotional control, only the most devoted Vulcan students are able to master the years of training needed to pass the final Kolinahr Ritual. 

Traditionally, the candidate will fullfil the final Ritual at the steps of Mount Kol, in the province of Gol. After the Vulcan Masters presiding over the Ritual have determined the student successful, the student is presented with a Kolinahr Necklace, hand wrought by the aspirants themselves as part of their training.

The Museum's pride are the Robes worn by one of the three Kolinahr Masters who presided over Spock's Kolinahr Ritual in 2273 CE.

Image: © CBS / Paramount Pictures.

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